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Shore: a new shrimp group is born

On August 12th, the last documents were signed and the joint venture Morubel nv/ Ristic GmbH  with Telson BV. was completed successfully.
With the participation in Telson, the creation of a new strong shrimp group became a fact.
In order to give the company group a strong identity, GBC, the holding of Morubel and Ristic   now and also owning 50% of Telson, was renamed SHORE nv.



Joint venture Morubel/Ristic and the Dutch Telson

26 April 2016 
GBC, owner of the Belgian Morubel nv and the German Ristic GmbH becomes
co-shareholder of the Dutch Telson B.V.

GBC will take a participation of 50% in Telson B.V. This means that the group of companies with a strong position in frozen tropical shrimp with Morubel and Ristic, now also accesses the chilled segment.
From this combination a wider range of shrimp can be offered since Telson is mainly active in the field of unpeeled and peeled North Sea shrimp (Crangon crangon), also known as brown shrimp.
Moreover Telson has a unique position in machine peeled North Sea shrimp.
For this, the company works exclusively with GPC Kant, who designed and developed the peeling machines.
Telson, now still based in Leens, will move together with the company of the Kant family soon into a new building in Lauwersoog, the Netherlands.
After 25 years of intensive development specifically aimed to increase efficiency, the  machines are now so sophisticated that in the near future a 100.000kg of shrimp will be machine-peeled per week in the brand new production area. In a few years a further capacity increase might be feasible.
This is a major breakthrough in the field of machine peeled North Sea shrimp making a return trip to Morocco no longer necessary for a considerable volume of shrimp.
With this development, the group of shrimp companies takes another important step in the area of sustainability: PURE BUSINESS in all its aspects.
The management of the joint venture will consist of Rob Pikkert, current Director of Telson B.V. and Edo Abels, MD of Morubel nv and Ristic GmbH. In addition, thanks to the contribution and  long experience of the Nienhuis family we can claim a strong combination of forces. Joint venture Morubel/Ristic and the Dutch Telson

Morubel nv joins forces with German Ristic AG

March 3rd, 2016
GBC, owner of  Morubel nv, and Peter Ristic,  owner of Ristic AG, based in Germany announced today  that they have reached an agreement for the acquisition of all outstanding shares of Ristic and the Costa Rican entities by GBC. After completion of the transaction and approval of the relevant authorities, Morubel and Ristic will join forces and become the leading party in the European frozen shrimp market with a unique sustainability proposition.

The activities of both companies are highly complementary: Ristic has a solid position in farmed shrimp, with own production facilities in Costa Rica and Morubel is leading in the segment of wild-caught shrimp. But there is also a perfect match in their business approach: for both companies sustainability forms an integral part of business policies. The combination of Morubel and Ristic activities will therefore give customers and consumers better access to a broader variety of sustainable and responsible products. Since both companies offer their products mainly under private label, practical implications for customers are rather limited. Moreover the different company brand names will be maintained.
Ristic employs approximately 275 people in Oberferrieden in Germany and the companies in Costa Rica. Morubel in Oostende, Belgium employs 107 people.
The new combination will be led by Edo Abels, the current CEO of Morubel. Ristic founder and majority shareholder Peter Ristic will stay on as Managing Director of Ristic AG.
Closing of the transaction is still subject to approval of the relevant authorities and may be expected in  the second half of  March 2016

A new shrimp in our product portfolio!

New in our product assortment is the Argentine red shrimp, Pleoticus muelleri.
This beautiful red coloured cold water shrimp caught along the Argentine coast has a firm texture and sweet taste.
Available as whole shrimp, unpeeled tails, easy peel or peeled pud or pd  shrimp.  
See our product section for more information, or contact our sales department.
Packed under your brand, Ristic retail brand or Elite foodservice brand.