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Different. Natural. No nonsense. Pure in every way!

Morubel is more than a product. Morubel connects people. The relationship with our customers is the keystone of our organisation. We enter your world and work according to your specific needs.

Products that comply with strict requirements are of great importance to our industry customers. The products we deliver must fit for further industrial processing. Seafood species, size, treatment, preservation, colouring, glazing... are all features that could have a significant effect on the end product.

That's why our New Product Development, Quality and Sales people work closely to­gether with you: to find the best product specifications and meet your needs. 



Morubel offers a large number of flexible packaging solutions for industrial applications:

  • Cardboard boxes of 5 kg up to 13 kg
  • Plastic bins of 400 kg
  • Cardboard pallet containers of max 450 g (depending on the product)